LIMMS/CIBiS/CIRMM workshop “Workshop on international research leading to Innovation and new technology bridging academics and societal demands”

LIMMS/CIBIS/CIRMM workshop "Workshop on International research leading to Innovation and new Technology bridging academics and societal demands"

12, Dec. 2016

We aim at presenting University of Tokyo academic’s advanced research programs and our recent innovations to the local eco system of industries. The purpose will be to develop collaborative research programs with high potential impact on innovation and to build new consortium between French-Japanese players.

In parallel we would like to show examples of existing collaborations between French and Japanese structures both at the academic level and the industrial level.








University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science, Building An



English/ Questions discussions in English or Japanese




Opening remarks from co-organizers

Pr. Hideki Kawakatsu

Pr. Yasuyuki Sakai


Keynotes lecture: “Max Plank-The University of Tokyo Center; Past, Present and Prospect” 

Pr. Tadatsugu Taniguchi, Director, Max Planck-The University of Tokyo Center for Integrative Inflammology


Innovation and technologies in LIMMS, CIBiS and CIRMM to bridge university research and societal demands

1. MEMS vibrational energy harvesters for internet-of-things applications, by Pr. Toshiyoshi

2. Thermoelectric energy harvesting based on nanoscale physics, by Pr. Nomura 

3. SPM characterization for photovoltaic solar cells, by Pr. Takahashi

4. Development of microneedles patch for intradermal drug injection – translational collaboration with National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM), by Pr. Kim 

5. Mathematics and informatics in quantitative biology, by Pr. Kobayashi

6. Cell fiber technology for cell therapy, by Pr. Takeuchi

7. Liver iPS on chip for new human drug screening tools, by Dr. Leclerc 


Group photo and lunch


Innovation and programs from clinical, industries and agencies

8. How to improve extracorporeal bioartificial liver for clinical application?, by Pr. Legallais (UTC)

9. Blood Ionogram Based on Ion Specificity Using a Nanoscale Silicon Transistor, by Dr. Clement (NTT)

10. From French-Japanese S&T cooperation to joint innovation, by Mr. Guillerme (Embassy of France) 

11. JBA’s activities targeting Open Innovation, by Dr. Tsukamoto (Exective Director, Japan Bio Industry Associaion;JBA) 

12. JST’s International and Industry-Academic Collaborative Programs, by Mr. Kobayashi (Director of Office of International Strategy,Department of Strategic Planning and Management, JST) and Mr. Kaneko (Director, Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration, JST)


coffee break around LIMMS, CIBIS and CIRMM posters


SMMILE an example of research and societal collaboration between France and Japan

13. Overview of SMMiL-E program: BioMEMS for research against Cancer, by Pr. Collard and Pr. Fujita (Program directors) 

14. SMMiL-E projects for Cancer Diagnosis and treatment monitoring, by Pr. Leblanc and Pr. Okitsu (Scientific directors) 

15. Scientific program

      WP1: Real-time Bio-Mechanical measurement of DNA damages under therapeutic irradiation, by Dr. Kumemura

      WP2: Inflammatory Cytokines in reprogramming of non-tumorigenic cancer cells into Cancer Stem Cells, by Dr. Lagadec

      WP3: 3D tissue model for the study of phathological angiogenesis, by Dr. Takahashi

      WP4: Autologous cell sheet for prevention of post-surgical abdominal adhesion, by Dr. Bresson


Concluding remarks

Dr. Leclerc


Cocktail and networking



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