Thirty four laboratories, about quarter number of all labs, are doing biotechnology-related research at Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), which covers almost all engineering disciplines and specifically focusing on emerging areas with integrative approaches.  Through the internal discussion at the “Research Group on Engineering and Biosciences at IIS”, which was established 15 years ago, IIS has been regarding biomedical application as one of the most important research targets.  IIS has also been pursuing active collaboration with other institutes both inside and outside UTokyo and recruiting new faculty members from both basic and clinical medicine.  On the basis of such background, we have decided to accelerate biomedical research by setting us a new research center at IIS. 


“Center for International Research on Integrative Biomedical Systems (CIBiS)”, aims at systematization of “manufacturing new medical devices/systems using living cells/tissues” through the integration of device technologies, mathematical analyses, bioengineering and clinical medicine, which are main advantages of current IIS research.  Deepening the existing collaborations with other institutes is really necessary toward raising new industries for biomedical devices/systems, ranging from prevention to diagnostics/treatments of diseases.  We organized eight faculty members assigned to four divisions focusing on ①application to basic research, ②industrial applications, ③transfer to clinical applications and ④exploration of other applications.  Final intension of CIBiS is to become a “real international research center organized by engineers”, with deep involvements of industries and with collaborations with researchers in basic biology and medicine.  We are most grateful of your supports and involvements.


June 23, 2014


Target devices and emerging industrial fields



CIBiS and its cooperation with other institutes
both inside and outside UTokyo